MDreferralPRO’s Value Proposition



By using MDreferralPRO, physician liaisons or healthcare marketers can create an effective sales strategy that saves time, boosts referrals and increases your bottom line. Create a target area by defining a specific geographical location to target specialties important to your organization. View existing referring sources as well as target potentials in your target market. Use the Visit List to prioritize your marketing efforts. Easily pull analytic reports to evaluate and revamp your current referral strategy.



Healthcare organization administrators can track marketing efforts in the field by visualizing visit trends compared to referral patterns of your organization. No more digging through endless files and sifting through reports- all the referral information you need is at your fingers allowing marketers to spend more time in the field and less time behind a desk. All of MDreferralPRO’s features assist physician liaisons in demonstrating their critical role in acquiring more physician referrals, resulting in organizational growth.



MDreferralPRO allows users to record all face-to-face meetings with established or potential referring sources, healthcare organization management or other medical staff. Easily document visits and notes. Record sales calls and customer relationship information. Keep notes private or share notes with other users within your organization. MDreferralPRO takes customer service to a completely new level.

MDreferralPRO’s comprehensive targeting, strategic direction and analytics make it easy to set and achieve goals. Close the gap between defined strategic direction and growth. We take the guesswork out of referral marketing by providing you with a competitive edge. MDreferralPRO’s referral program can help your healthcare organization reach its full potential by giving you the business development tools you need to succeed.

Our mission: MDreferralPRO’s mission is to help healthcare organizations grow through insights and tangible results.

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