As a healthcare organization, you understand that physician referrals are the foundation for your success. MDreferralPRO's groundbreaking referral generator enables your physician liaisons to build and manage referrals in an entirely new way.

MDreferralPRO's intelligent business development system identifies the untapped resources in your market area, and uses predictive analytics to help you prioritize which of those sources is most likely to refer.

Generate new physician referrals and boost existing ones with MDreferralPRO.


MDreferralPRO's referral generator software helps physician liaisons create a communication strategy aimed at defining, building and managing physician referral patterns. Features include:

  • Geo-Targeted Mapping
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Resources
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prioritized Physician Call Lists
  • Referral Pattern Statistics
  • Potential vs. Active Referring Provider List

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MDreferralPRO's referral generator closes the gap between defined strategic direction and growth. We take the guesswork out of referral marketing by providing you with a competitive edge.

MDreferralPRO's comprehensive database, reporting system and scheduler make it easy to set and achieve goals.

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AdvisorsMD's referral generator software, MDreferralPRO, can help you increase patient volume and establish a competitive edge. The program analyzes your existing referral patterns and reveals providers in your area who are not currently referring.

Using predictive analytics, MDreferralPRO lists providers who should be priorities to your practice. Armed with this information, your physician liaisons can make calls to new sources in a more educated and efficient manner.

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Referral Trend Analytics

Trend Analytics

The login dashboard includes charts and graphs that show your top producers, market share and ROI at a moment's glance.
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Physician Visit Routing


Highly detailed mapping tools allow you to geo-target the types of specialists and the precise area in which to focus your marketing efforts. MDreferralPRO is the only web-based software that identifies providers in your market who are not currently referring.
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Instant Alerts

Predictive Analytics/Priority Lists

MDreferralPRO uses proprietary algorithms to analyze your past referral data. It then mines that data to extract information predicting future referral behavior..
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Instant Alerts

Network Intelligence

Contact information for providers is updated in real-time. Users can view which providers are linked to specific facilities and plan their calls based on the most current information.
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Secure Universal Access

Wireless CRM Resources

MDreferralPRO’s application allows liaisons to enter notes at the time of their visits with referring providers, assuring that no important information gets forgotten.
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professional referral network

Physician Directory

MDreferralPRO’s database allows you to search by National Provider Identifier number, geographic location and/or specialty.
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The Quality of Healthcare is expected to be high, but physicians are having to deal with Compliance, Reimbursements, and Referral Sources instead of Helping, Healing, and Listening. Like it or not, Medicine is a business. Physician Practices must evolve in order to serve the patient. AdvisorsMD enhances the Business of Medicine and gets the Healthcare organization back to the business of Healing.